Nokia of Finland as well as HTC of Taiwan managed to get some good news this week (particularly for the latter as it has stopped performing gangbusters in 2011 as well as this year, no thanks to the Apple iPhone 4S’ superb “home ground” performance as well as in other parts of the world) as both companies picked up a victory in a key European ruling, where a patent of German firm IPCom has been declared as invalid in its current form, hence having no potency whatsoever to threaten the sales of Nokia as well as HTC handsets in Germany.

IPCom is definitely not pleased with the outcome of this ruling, and did declare that they will file for an appeal immediately against the ruling, continuing to hold the belief that its patent 100A that will standardize a cellphone’s first connection to a network, remains valid until a final decision on the appeal arrives. What do you think of this particular intellectual spat? Do you think that the appeal will go through eventually?

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