Unlike Apple, Microsoft hasn’t really seen a lot of press regarding its legal woes, at least not as far as Android is concerned. That’s because unlike Apple, Microsoft has decided that there is probably more to gain by licensing out their patents to the competition as opposed to trying to stop the competition altogether. So far Microsoft has managed to sign licensing deals with Android manufacturing partners such as HTC, Samsung and LG to name a few, and now it looks like the Redmond company will be able to add Pegatron to that list.

This licensing agreement, similar to the ones that Microsoft signed with the other companies, will allow Pegatron access to the patents owned by Microsoft in the manufacturing of their own Android and Chrome-based e-readers, smartphones and tablets. No word on how much Pegatron will be paying Microsoft for every Android/Chrome-based device sold, but it had been rumored that HTC was paying anywhere between $20-$40. In any case it looks like this deal will probably mean one less lawsuit we’ll have to read about in the paper and that’s not a bad thing.

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