Just when you thought that the normal glass pane of your window could not be advanced in the world of technology an iota further, along comes the bright minds over at MIT to develop a self-cleaning glass which is also capable of resisting fogging and glare effects. This kind of technology, if implemented properly after extensive research and tests, might eventually be the killer idea that sends ordinary touchscreen displays found in majority of today’s smartphones and tablets into oblivion. After all, this new glass is said to eliminate reflections and repels water droplets similar to “tiny rubber balls” bouncing off the ground.

The whole reason behind this self-cleaning glass is the surface which boasts of a close resemblance to nanoscale cones, which are actually 1,000 times to 100,000 times smaller compared to the human hair’s diameter. Apart from being highly affordable to manufacture, the self-cleaning glass might just be the next big thing in the world of construction.

It would be interesting to see how this self-cleaning glass is going to be positioned in the general market, but one thing good about it is, it would help solar panels retain their energy efficiency since the new self-cleaning glass will ensure the solar panel beneath it remains in tip top condition without losing its energy efficiency simply because of the sheer number of accumulated dirt and dust bunnies.

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