fcc-gg1While the idea of wearing a pair of Google Glass is certainly cool, it did not manage to take off in a big way, and had its Explorer program shut down earlier this year as well. Perhaps there is time to regroup and rethink on how to make things better, and word has it that there might very well be a new version of Google Glass that is in the pipeline – at least according to an approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of a new device from Google that is simply called “GG1.”

The GG1 is shrouded in a greater veil of mystery than Senator Palpatine himself as he plotted and schemed his way to become the Emperor in the fictional Star Wars universe. Perhaps this is because Google was granted a certain level of confidentiality, and from what has been garnered online so far, the GG1 will feature connectivity options that are pretty much standard across all devices these days – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, in addition to a non-removable battery. Now that is a bummer for sure!

An emailed statement saw Google mention, “The team is heads down building the future of the product and isn’t giving interviews at the moment.” All in all, we are stoked to see what the future holds for the spiritual successor to Google Glass, if any.

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