new-glass-patentGoogle Glass, a piece of wearable technology that has definitely garnered a fair amount of interest over the past year, looks as though it is going to gain an upgrade. Of course, nothing official has been announced just yet as at press time, but it seems that there is a spanking new Google Glass patent in the pipeline which does feature details of a new design that would make the upcoming pair look as though it hails from the future.

The latest patent concerning Google Glass would boast of a design that features a similar sleek metal band which wraps around your brow, sporting a shiny crystal of glass that will be able to project the entire virtual world straight into your cornea. The nose support does seem to have gone missing, however, and one of the major changes in the overall design would be the relocation of the whole display/camera unit that has made its way from the right side of your head all the way to the left.

As for its highly controversial camera, that particular module will still remain right beside the display, being ready to capture just about anything, regardless of where you are. Best of all is, the huge battery that used to be there right behind your ear in the Explorer Edition is no longer seen. When will this new design hit the road? Only time will tell, but we do like what we see – a lot.

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