While Google Glass has made its way to several Explorers, the mainstream consumer version has yet to be released. In fact a report from not too long ago seemed to suggest that Google could be losing interest in the device. However that might not necessarily be true because according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal (paywall; via The Verge), Google is actually working on a newer model.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is building an upgraded version of Glass that will turn to the use of Intel’s chipsets to power the wearable. This is said to help improve the battery life of the headset which is apparently one of the negative aspects of the device. Intel and Google will also reportedly collaborate on the wearable and will see them push it to the workplace.

For example it could see more use in hospitals. At this point it is unclear as to which of Intel’s chipsets could be used in the newer version of Glass. It has been speculated that there is a chance that the chipset used could be the same one used in the Intel MICA wearable which is expected to see a release in time for Christmas.

In any case neither Intel nor Google have confirmed that this is indeed the case, but what do you guys think? What kind of impact do you see the use of Intel’s chipsets having on Google Glass in the future?

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