glass-flexible-patentGoogle’s Glass did not take off in the way that Google intended, but that is all right. After all, we all learn from our mistakes, don’t we? Having said that, we also know that Tony Fadell has been assigned to redesign the Google Glass from scratch, and that there will be three versions of Google Glass in the works. The latest news? Google has just had its patent for a flexible heads-up display (HUD) approved, and this could very well be one of the three upcoming versions of Google Glass.

The headband will rests on the wearer’s temple and ear, where the curves will then snake to the back of the head. This is an electronic augmented reality device which will feature a solid display element that is suspended over the eye, making it not too different from the original Glass headset design, and it seems that a tiny small camera can also film what is going on from the wearer’s perspective, before projecting augmented reality displays onto the user’s field of vision.

An LCD could be used, although one should not rule out the possibility of a laser or LED source which might “draw a raster display directly onto the retina of one or more of the user’s eyes”. Ah well, it is only a matter of time before more is revealed, so stay tuned!

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