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New Google Glass Arrives At The FCC
In March this year, Google’s Eric Schmidt confirmed that its Google Glass project will make a return in the future, although he remained mum back then as to when it would happen. It looks like there is not much longer where one needs to wait, as a spanking new Google Glass model has just hit the FCC, and what makes this upcoming model of Google Glass all the more interesting […]

Google Patents Flexible HUD
Google’s Glass did not take off in the way that Google intended, but that is all right. After all, we all learn from our mistakes, don’t we? Having said that, we also know that Tony Fadell has been assigned to redesign the Google Glass from scratch, and that there will be three versions of Google Glass in the works. The latest news? Google has just had its patent for a […]

GG1 Could Be New Google Glass
While the idea of wearing a pair of Google Glass is certainly cool, it did not manage to take off in a big way, and had its Explorer program shut down earlier this year as well. Perhaps there is time to regroup and rethink on how to make things better, and word has it that there might very well be a new version of Google Glass that is in the […]

New Google Glass Patent Points To Futuristic Design
Google Glass, a piece of wearable technology that has definitely garnered a fair amount of interest over the past year, looks as though it is going to gain an upgrade. Of course, nothing official has been announced just yet as at press time, but it seems that there is a spanking new Google Glass patent in the pipeline which does feature details of a new design that would make the […]


GuidiGo Powers First in-Gallery Tour on Google Glass at De Young Museum
We have published about GuidiGo when it was selected at the last google I/O as one of the fifth official partners of Google Glass.Starting today, Google Glass owners will be able to enjoy an “augmented tour” of the Keith Haring exhibition at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. The company showed me the demo on Saturday during the exhibition’s opening hours.De Young Museum is the first museum to officially […]

Future Google Glass Could Be Powered By Intel [Rumor]
While Google Glass has made its way to several Explorers, the mainstream consumer version has yet to be released. In fact a report from not too long ago seemed to suggest that Google could be losing interest in the device. However that might not necessarily be true because according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal (paywall; via The Verge), Google is actually working on a newer model.The […]

Smartwatches Could Be Banned From Movie Theaters, Too
It was just yesterday when we brought you word on how the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as well as the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) has decided to advise movie theaters to utilize a zero tolerance approach when it comes to wearing various “intelligent” devices to the cinemas. In other words, all wearable technology with video recording capabilities oughto to be banned. Does this include the budding […]

Toshiba Glass Makes It A Crowd
[CEATEC 2014] You know what they say – two’s company, three’s a crowd. While Google Glass looks as though it rules the roost at this point in time where the smart glass market is concerned, this does not mean that other companies should just quit from making an attempt even. After all, with this particular arm of the wearable tech industry still in its infancy, who knows, some other company […]

Google Glass Could Be Used For Airport Check-Ins
Ah, Google Glass, where the DVF Google Glass frames are now available over in the U.K., is back in the limelight – and will target the traveling crowd this time around. Flying used to be glamorous back in the day, but it is so normal now that folks continue to seek out the next best experience, such as business class as well as spending time in all of the various […]

Wearable Head Mounted Optical Display Banned From Film Screenings At Comic-Con
Google Glass, the wearable head mounted optical display device that has waded into a fair number of controversies in the past way before it was even released to the masses, has been banned from this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, especially when it comes to film screenings. This ban was listed down in Comic-Con’s official Convention Policies handbook, although it must be stated that the blacklisted devices printed in the […]

MindRDR Lets You Control Google Glass Using Brain Power
Google Glass, a piece of wearable technology that has been used in many different ways even before it has become mainstream (including proposing to your loved one), might just gain a new ability thanks to an open source app that is known as MindRDR. Basically, MindRDR allows you to control your Google Glass (albeit to a certain extent) using mind power alone.

Competition In Wearable Tech Arena Heats Up
[Computex 2014] Google Glass might be the de facto champion of the wearable tech world at the moment, but this does not mean that other hardware manufacturers are going to sit down and do nothing about the situation. Computex 2014 is a hotbed for such technology to be shown off, where ChipSip has picked up Computex’s Best Choice award when it comes to their pair of smart glasses which intend […]

Google Glass XE17.3 OTA Update Spotted
Google Glass owners, here is some news for you that you might just be interested in – it seems that some of you Glass explorers out there who do check for a missed alert will experience some bit of pain or level of discomfort each time you tilt your head back in doing so. The future does seem to be a whole lot less painful or uncomfortable, as an unannounced […]

DVF-Designed Glass Frames Announced
If you are going to be all decked out in wearable technology this summer, with Google Glass being at the forefront of your proud collection, then you might as well look good while doing so. Diane Von Furstenberg, a name that is associated with fashion more than tech, has been working alongside Google and its Google Glass, and the fruit of this partnership has resulted in a brand new “DVF” […]