Google has announced that publishers who wish to put videos of Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects up can solicit for donations for the crowd-sourced fundraising platforms via the annotation tool. For those who are not clear about what that is, it is a layer that video publishers can apply on their videos with text, links or hotspots. Google now has integrated both platforms to YouTube to make it easier for both, the platforms as well as the potential clientele.

According to Google, they decided to implement the feature after seeing a few creators get their projects funded such as Freddie Wong’s Video Game High School and James Rolfe’s Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. If video creators want to take advantage of the feature, all they have to do is go to the Video Manager, click ‘Edit’ and select ‘Annotations’. After you select ‘link’ and your chosen fundraising platform from the drop-down menu, you are done.

Before this, if you were to click on a link on an annotation, you would be redirected to the website in question. Now however, a new tab will be opened which takes you to the project’s page when click on the ‘Donate’ button. The crowd-sourcing platforms seem to be not only in-trend at the moment but they also seem to be working. For example, the Pebble Smart Watch by Kickstarter which asked for a pledge of $100,000 achieved a whopping $3 million to date.

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