When the micro SIM card first came out, many people were perplexed – why change something when it has been working fine all this while? After all, the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has served mankind well throughout the ages. Well, it seems that going micro SIM is not good enough for Apple and Nokia, where the former have come to loggerheads at what the new and smaller SIM card should look like. According to Nokia, they claim that Apple’s proposed card violates ETSI’s requirement (ETSI is a standards body which will have the final decision on the future nano-SIM), as the design precludes folks from fitting it into a microSD slot. Apple was willing to listen to the complaint, and put SIM manufacturer Giesecke & Devrient through the paces to come up with a modified version that will solve Nokia’s issues with additional plastic thrown in the right spots. However, Nokia is not likely to accept this modified design as well, as the Finnish firm claims that their design is superior technically. What do you think? Should we just get some popcorn ready and see how it all pans out as ETSI has the final say?

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