For those of you who grew up on Prince of Persia, jumping from platform to platform and avoiding devious traps while muscling your way through guard after guard, here is a little trip down memory lane. Ubisoft decided to unleash a slew of very early concept artworks that were meant for the maiden Assassin’s Creed outing, and this particular conceptual artwork actually dated all the way back to November 2004, showing off some Prince of Persia-inspired artwork as well as the possibility of a female assassin. I suppose that while males had brute strength, female spies like Mata Hari always had the charisma card up their sleeve – where weaker willed men can just fall under their charms and reveal all. The artwork were entirely Khai Nguyen’s efforts, and it would be wonderful if the Assassin’s Creed franchise might revisit such conceptual artwork in the future to see whether there is any milk left in this cow.

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