Microsoft has already announced the roaming capabilities of Windows 8 and SkyDrive – just two aspects of many features that we can expect once Windows 8 arrives. Chris Jones, the vice president of the development and operations of services and apps for Windows Live, said that they are working hard on developing the latest version of Windows that is Windows 8. Jones said that Windows 8 is a chance for them to reintroduce those services under a new brand. After receiving quite a number of feedback -both good and bad – from its customers, Microsoft sees Windows 8 as the perfect opportunity for them to “re-imagine” their approach to services and software.

Thus, Windows 8 will feature new services and apps for communication and sharing. For the first time, all of these will be included on your PC. Part of the Windows 8 experience will be to use a Microsoft account as the identity service for its users. With Windows 8, we can use our Microsoft account to sign in to our PC. The same account will also be used to check services like Xbox LIVE, Zune, and the Windows 8 app store.

For gamers out there, you will be glad to know that you can also use your account to connect to your Xbox gamer tag so that you can track your scores and games. Cloud services including calendar, contact list, instant messaging, inbox and cloud storage will also be accessible via your Microsoft account. And since services are part of your account, they can be shared across all Microsoft products and services – among them will be Windows Phone.

This means that the people in your contact lists or the events in your calendar will be shared across your Windows 8 PC, your Windows Phone, your Hotmail, Messenger and Skydrive. And by the way, Windows 8 also uses cloud services to roam settings across your PCs so you can log in to a new PC and pick up right where you left off. “In the coming weeks we will share more information about our software and services for individuals spanning the PC, phone, and web, and go into detail on Microsoft account, cloud services, SkyDrive, Hotmail, Messenger, as well as our upcoming work with Skype,” Jones said.

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