If you are one who cannot get enough of Twitter, then here is something that you might want to check out – the One Street Tweeter, which is actually a special machine that was constructed with one – just one purpose in life. Basically, the Street Tweeter will be able to print out 40 character messages on the pavement itself thanks to its reservoir of water soluble paint. Surely there is some sort of wireless data network embedded deep within the bowels of this printer-on-wheels, otherwise, how else is it supposed to receive information on what it needs to print? Ambling around at approximately five miles per hour, this is no speed demon, but then again, the whole reason it has to plod along would be to accommodate its printing speed. Otherwise, all we would get are messy roads with paint slathered all over the place. Anyone wants to send a piece of ASCII art tweet to it? I wonder if one can choose the color of the paint prior to tweeting…

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