When you think of bots, there might be some kind of negative connotation there, and we don’t blame you if you feel that way. This is because bots have gotten a negative reputation over the years for being used to spam phishing messages, unwanted advertising, snapping up tickets and reselling them at astronomical prices, and so on.

However, not all bots are bad and Twitter wants users to know that, so much that they have since officially launched labels that let users identify their accounts as being powered by a bot. Like we said, not all bots are bad and some bots can be useful, like displaying automated content like the weather, earthquake related information, and more.

This is because sometimes it’s just not that efficient to post these updates manually and having a bot lets accounts post information at all hours of the day. With these labels, whenever users see an automated tweet, they’ll know who the bot is being powered by which lets them know that yes, a bot is powering the account but it’s being done for a reason.

Twitter actually rolled out the feature back in 2021 where it was being tested with a handful of accounts, but it looks like the feature is now live for all users who wish to add the bot label to their accounts.

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