Podcasts have been around for a while now, but they seem to have increased quite a bit in popularity these days, especially following Spotify’s acquisition of Joe Rogan’s podcast where the company reportedly paid $100 million for it (some say it might have been worth a lot more).

This is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that Twitter could be planning their own podcasts platform. This is according to a report from researcher Jane Manchun Wong who discovered that Twitter is testing out a dedicated podcasts tab in its mobile app, where presumably all podcasts on the platform will be hosted and discovered.

Twitter already plays home to many users and there are probably many out there who use Twitter as their primary social media platform. By allowing these creators to leverage their followers, it could help some Twitter users ramp up their podcasts instead of having to host it somewhere else where not all their followers might know about.

However, since this is a test it’s hard to say if Twitter actually plans to go through with it or if it’s something that they’re tentatively exploring, but seeing as Twitter jumped on the bandwagon with features we’ve seen on other social media platforms, this doesn’t seem entirely out of the question.

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