Have you ever been involved in a Twitter conversation where someone tags you? There might be reasons for this, like maybe your friend or family member thinks that there’s a tweet you should see. Or it could be that you’re an influencer and your followers are trying to get your attention.

Regardless, sometimes being included in a conversation can be annoying and somewhat spammy, especially if the conversation is really active and you keep getting notifications on it. The good news is that according to researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is working on a feature that would let users remove themselves from conversations.

According to Wong, she shared a screenshot of a new interface on Twitter where users are prompted before they choose to remove themselves from a conversation. It lets them know when they remove themselves from a conversation, their usernames are untagged and they will no longer receive notifications.

Also, to prevent people from re-adding them to conversations,  choosing to remove yourself will also prevent future mentions in that particular conversation (presumably you’ll have to do this with all new conversations). We’re not sure when this feature is expected to be rolled out, but it sounds like something that some users might be able to appreciate in the future.

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