The problem with having a public social media profile is that pretty much anyone in the world can see what you post and write. This in turn leaves users open to trolls and harassment by people that they don’t know. This is also why Twitter, back in 2021, introduced a Safety Mode.

The feature was introduced last year where it was initially only available to a small handful of users as part of a test. However, Twitter has since announced that they will be expanding the coverage of Safety Mode to more users and also more countries. This will cover about 50% of accounts from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.

Note that this isn’t a full rollout yet so it appears that Twitter is still testing out the feature and are essentially just expanding on the number of users they are testing it out with, so if you don’t see the feature available to you, don’t worry about it yet.

For those who are unfamiliar, Twitter’s Safety Mode is a feature that will automatically block accounts that the company thinks might be using harmful language against you. These accounts will be blocked temporarily for seven days where they will not be able to interact with you, but users will have the ability to review those tweets and accounts and unblock those that users think Twitter might have gotten wrong.

This is better than users having to go through all these accounts and block them manually, and it can also shield users from having to view these accounts or comments.

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