Don’t you just love it how the team at CSI are extremely adept at solving murder cases within an hour – and even so, after throwing in a few commercial spots? Well, truth can be stranger than fiction at times, and we are here to talk about the RIEGL VZ-400 high-tech scanner which is capable of rotating around a crime scene in 360 degrees so that it can later build detailed 3D images of the “captured” area for further perusal. Not only that, all evidence that is provided by the scanner is also admissible in court, so what the human eye might have missed can eventually be recorded digitally for all and sundry to go over later on.

Just how does the RIEGL VZ-400 scanner work? Well, it will rely on a laser beam to perform a survey of its surrounding area, going ahead by recording 120,000 tiny details of the scene each second while slowly rotating on a 360 degree axis. Initial trials have proved to be extremely promising, where the scanner is said to collect 33% more data compared to a police officer – and in under half the time to boot!

The thing is, this particular scanner is not going to come cheap, retailing for £108,000 a pop, so equipping the entire police force with an adequate figure might not be such a good idea at this moment considering how governments worldwide are introducing austerity measures.

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