Google has just launched Google Maps Coordinate today, a new tool that promises to improve communication between businesses and their employees in the field. Google does this by combining its mapping and geolocation services with smartphones to assign jobs more quickly to employees. Businesses can sign up for Google Maps Coordinate and access the tool via a mobile app and a web app. Employees can then download the app on their mobile phone and share real-time locations with their team.

Google said that users can also record data while at work. For example, administrators can create customized fields on the app for recording client information, measurements, and technical specifications. Administrations can also create teams by adding members to the tool and manage employees easily by tracking their locations and assigning tasks to the person nearest to an area where you might want to get a job done.

Google Maps Coordinate can also reportedly visualize the locations of every team member’s current and past jobs. “Google Maps Coordinate is built to work seamlessly with the entire Google Enterprise Maps and Earth experience, and it comes with an API that can integrate with any of your existing systems,” Google said.

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