I guess business cards are no longer relevant in the future, not when companies start to catch on the idea of printing QR codes on shirts, suits and jackets sometime down the road. Of course, this idea might just occupy a niche market, but only time will tell. What QRTribe apparel has in mind, is to custom print a QR code on your apparel of choice, so that whoever scans this code will be led to a page that shows off a slew of private information – basically, a Wikipedia on yourself. This page which the QR code directs people to will also be able to show links to your Facebook account as well as other social network pages, in addition to essential contact information such as your phone number.

No idea on just which gender would be more partial to such an idea – I guess girls would generally prefer to avoid being a walking, open encyclopedia, as they tend to want to maintain that sense of mystery which drives us guys nuts when we pursue the girl of our dreams. Depending on where you want QRTribe to print your personal QR code, it will cost anywhere from $40 all the way to approximately $100. It is not that weird an idea actually, as a cow already has  her own QR code, so why not humans?

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