Dairy cow Lady Shamrock is no ordinary cow when it comes to her fashion sense – you can say that her thick hide of leather has also proved to be quite the advertising canvas as she goes around chewing on grass at Somerby farm. This QR code has not been branded on Lady Shamrock in any way, so you can put down your pitchforks of protest peacefully. The QR code was painted on Lady Shamrock directly, allowing visitors to visit a website concerning life on the farm should they have their smartphone handy.

This is not going to be something permanent – at least not yet, as Jane Barnes and her husband Mark intend to test out the effectiveness of such a QR code on livestock in reaching out to the masses. Jane mentioned, “We run a lot of farm visits and we’re always keen to try new things to help people get close to the cows and see first-hand what dairy farming is about.” The code should lead folks here. I guess it is safe to say that no cows were harmed in the process of the QR code’s painting process.

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