Headphones these days, especially Beats by Dre, are getting “louder” and more bold with their designs. However instead of just showing off how your headphones look like, how about giving viewers a taste of what you’re listening to? No, we’re not talking about offering strangers on the train your headphones to listen to, but rather passerbys will be able to get a glimpse of what you’re listing to based on the color audio spectrum on the side of your headphones. Dubbed the Amazing Headphone, this is a concept thought up of by ChanHyun Park and SeJi Kim.

The headphones itself looks pretty sleek but we guess the twist to this design is that the sides will light up based on what you’re listening to. This visual representation of your music can take the form of bar graphs, a light wave and sequenced flares (as pictured above). Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately these are concepts at the moment but given that there are headphones that offer light up ear cups, we can imagine that it is only a matter of time before this concept becomes a reality.

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