Following the recent update on Twitter that added nifty updates to the “expandable tweets” feature, the fast-growing social networking platform has unveiled another handy feature for its users. Via Twitter’s official blog, the company announced a new feature that will allow users to remove replies and lengthy conversations from a Twitter page. The said feature can be accessed from top of a user’s profile page, next to “Tweets”.


Michael Sippey, Director of Product Team at Twitter, said that users can now view both the original tweets from users as well as the conversations users have with other Twitter users. “When you visit the profiles of verified accounts, such as @bubbawatson, @NASCAR or @Pepsi, by default you will see their timeline of Tweets without replies, that is, you won’t see Tweets that begin with a @username. If you’d like to see all Tweets including replies, you can easily select “All” above the Tweets timeline on these profile pages,” Sippey explained.

The company pointed out that it will be rolling out the update to verified accounts in the following weeks. “Now you can quickly find out what your favorite musicians, athletes and brands are saying and doing, even if they frequently reply to others. And you can also continue to discover great moments on Twitter like when @MollyRingwald and @SalmanRushdie discussed following one another on Twitter,” Sippey added.

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