Unless you own a pair of AirPlay speakers or audio devices, docking your iPhone/iPod to  a speaker dock is probably one of the ways you resort to in order to stream songs from your device. While there’s really nothing wrong with that solution, it does hinder your ability to make calls, reply text messages, surf the web or play games. Depending on what kind of user you are, it might not really matter, but for those who’d like the freedom to do all of that while listening to their music, a Kickstarter project for a device called Pear might be looking to change that.

The Pear dongle essentially attaches itself to your speaker, providing you the ability to stream your music via Bluetooth and letting you text, surf, play games and etc while listening to music. Unfortunately this will require your audio device to feature the 30-pin dock connector in order for it to work. The device itself is rather small and comes with a glowing Pear logo (reminiscent of the glowing Apple logo) and has exceeded its funding goal by $40,000 (at the time of writing). You can still pledge your donation by heading to its Kickstarter page, or you can pop on over to its mini-site for more details and photos!

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