Twitter logoThe final words of any person tend to bear the highest importance, especially when that particular person is aware of his or her impending passing. The thing is, death is no respecter of age, religion, creed or preparedness – it can come swiftly and suddenly, as evident in the recent derailed coal train incident in Maryland. Two friends who sent tweets just moments before their tragic passing could possibly be used by investigators as they try to piece together the course of events in order to solve the mystery.

19-year old students Elizabeth Conway Nass and Rose Louese Mayr were actually drinking on top of a railroad bridge in Ellicott City, Maryland, late this Monday night before they returned to college for the new school year. Since then, their respective Twitter accounts have somewhat been deactivated or, perhaps being made private. One of Nass’ final public tweets read, “Drinking on top of the Ellicott City sign with @r0se_petals” while Mayr posted a couple of photos from the vantage point of the bridge. Just minutes after that, the Baltimore-bound train derailed along with its load of coal, resulting in the two young women being buried beneath piles of coal.

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