Nokia Research has worked up a sweat with the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology by taking a Maemo-powered N900 and tinkering around with it, throwing in a new resistor which would basically enable the handset to register as well as interpret squeezes. Hmmm, we do wonder whether this was in any way inspired by the Like-A-Hug Facebook vest, or is it the other way around. Basically, when the hacked Nokia N900 that sports a new resistor interprets squeezes, it has to be called by a far more nifty name, so why not go with the moniker ForcePhone?

No Jedi Knights or Sith were harmed in the process of developing the ForcePhone and its nuances, where the squeezes on it can be interpreted by the handset at a quartet of different levels of intensity, which will then be translated into vibrations for both the squeezer and the person on the other side of the call. It can even be applied to a Skype session if you were to take this idea even further, and we do wonder what happens when anger is conveyed through the ForcePhone – would it go bust in a plume of smoke?

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