Now here is a piece of technological fashion that is certainly very different from others that we have seen before – the Like-A-Hug vest which is connected to your Facebook account. Basically, whenever a friend in your Facebook account “likes” a photo, video or status update, the vest will inflate inwards, letting you feel a virtual hug. Of course, those who wear this in hot and humid countries would probably prefer something far smaller, like say, an inflatable wristband, and it is not exactly the most fashion forward piece of clothing iether. If you want to send back a hug, just squeeze and deflate the vest – of course, there are many other considerations to take into such as the kind of data plan you will need to attach to the Like-A-Hug vest for it to remain constantly in touch with your Facebook account, or does it work over Wi-Fi only? How about battery life for the sensor and electronics, is there a warning system?

This is definitely not a vest you would throw into the washing machine, that’s for sure. Hopefully creators of the Like-A-Hug vest, Melissa Chow, Andy Payne and Phil Seaton, from MIT will be able to come up with a workable solution for the masses soon. I won’t be surprised to see this appear as a Kickstarter project though, how about you?

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