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Nokia Lumia 9XX (920 variant) headed for Verizon Wireless?

It was not too long ago when we were talking about just how there should be a Nokia Lumia 920 variant arriving on other mobile carriers, considering how there was the Nokia Lumia 820 variant which was announced for T-Mobile recently while coming in the form of the Lumia 810. There are whispers being sent back and forth in the online world, and these should normally be taken with a huge grain of salt, so here goes.

Viipottaja and Peter_L were trading tweets about the possibility of a new Lumia 920 variant arriving on Verizon Wireless, where one of the tweets from a Nokia PureView fan mentioned, “Finally got. Hands on lumia 9XX for verizon,can you guess it???what phone is that??? Hint wp8 of course“ with a different tweet that read, “Another hint: wireless charging and thinner lighter better #SwitchToLumia”. Of course, all of that could just be random conversations before by others concerning a Nokia Lumia 822 for Verizon, but who knows what the future might bring? Just what do you think?

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