A while back we reported that according to the rumors, Nokia might have a Windows RT tablet in the works. Given Nokia’s close relationship with Microsoft and the fact that they have put all their proverbial eggs in the basket with Windows Phone, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that the Finnish company might have a Windows-based tablet in the pipeline. Interesting it was discovered not too long ago that Nokia has a couple of patents related to tablets which were granted to the company back in 2011. While they may or may not be realized, they could be an indication of what we might be able to expect should Nokia release a Windows-based tablet in the near future.

One of the patents revealed an interesting choice of design which basically shows a tablet that looks like a larger version of the Nokia N9, whose design can also be seen in the Lumia 800, 820 and the 920. The second patent for a tablet is a bit more conventional (pictured above) and looks like it could blend in with the masses of tablets available in the market. Unfortunately the specifications of either tablet were not given but considering that the patent was granted in 2011, those specs are probably slightly outdated by now, but it certainly lends credibility to the reports that Nokia might be working on a tablet device.

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