I always like the way technology and the arts merge together, meeting in the middle and delivering a totally new take on what was once something traditional. The Metropole Orchestra, for instance, will take to the social network Twitter for a performance known as ‘Tweetphony’, which is a symphony of tweets. The main objective of Tweetphony is to raise awareness of the fact that it’s subsidy and existence are under threat. Participants who drop by the campaign site are able to rely on a digital piano interface in order to compose their music, while listening to other compositions. You can then tweet it, transforming the musical notes into the letters associated with them. Folks who click on the tweet’s link will be redirected to the site, allowing them to listen in to the tune on a bespoke music player.

Only the most interesting tweets will be picked by the orchestra, where they will play a special live concert this coming October 26th. Expect short videos of the orchestra playing the tweets to be made available over at YouTube, which is where the live stream will be broadcast as well.

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