Microsoft claims to have reinvented the smartphone with the advent of Windows Phone 8, having announced it officially this morning. Folks living across the pond (that would be Europe just in case geography is not your best subject in school), and it will appear in different countries worldwide from November onward.

As we covered in separate news stories earlier this morning, there will be different mobile carriers in the US that will carry Windows Phone 8 devices as well. For instance, Verizon has partnered with Microsoft to deliver the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumia 822 in their stores by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Not only that, there will also be an exclusive Windows Phone 8 handset from Verizon as well, known as the Samsung ATIV Odyssey.

As for T-Mobile, the 16GB HTC Windows Phone 8X will retail for $149 a pop with a new 2-year contract, while they will also carry the lower end Nokia Lumia device. AT&T will retain exclusive rights to the Lumia 920, while offering the HTC Windows Phone 8X as well, but they have yet to announce pricing and availability details.

Microsoft’s online store will carry all Windows Phone 8-powered handsets, and not only that, in all the available colors so that you have no excuse not to get one if it is what you’ve been hankering after all this while. Are you all fired up for Windows Phone 8?

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