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Skype has been hard at work transitioning from a peer-to-peer service to a more modern, mobile-friendly cloud service. This has enabled the company to improve features like file sharing and video messaging and to introduce new features like Skype Translator, Skype Bots, and mobile group video calling. These changes mean that Skype can’t keep on supporting some old platforms which is why it has announced that Windows Phone 8 and older versions of Android will no longer be supported.

Skype has said that it will continue to support Windows 7, 8 XP and Vista as well as Yosemite on Mac, iOS 8 and Android devices running version 4.03.

However, it will no longer support Windows Phone 8 or older versions of Android. Users who have devices that are stuck on these firmware versions will no longer receive the latest version of Skype. As the service continues to evolve this will leave the existing apps outdated over time.

Skype says that this was a hard decision to make but a necessary one as the service moves forward and delivers new features on devices that are capable of supporting them. Users can keep an eye on the official support site to find out which devices and operating systems will have support for Skype in the future.

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