microsoft logoA few years ago, Microsoft made waves when they announced that Windows Phone 7 users were not eligible to be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. This wasn’t so much a hardware issue but rather a software issue that did not allow the upgrade, and safe to say that many users were angry at Microsoft as it meant that essentially they would have to buy new phones.

That being said, it looks like Microsoft has since learnt their lesson because when asked if Windows Phone 8 handsets will be upgraded to Windows 10, which Microsoft is reportedly testing right now, Microsoft answered in the affirmative. This is according to the official Lumia Twitter account who revealed that all Windows Phone 8 devices will be upgraded to Windows 10 upon its release.

So for those of you with Windows Phone 8 and are hoping to keep the device around longer, you can rest assured that it will get a new lease on life upon the release of Windows 10, which at the moment does seem to be rather far off. Based on a Q&A session Microsoft hosted a couple of months ago, they revealed that a mid-2015 release would most likely be the case, so until then we guess you guys will just have to remain patient. In the meantime is anyone else thrilled that they won’t be left out of the update this time?

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