Google wins patent for directions using cell coverageThe smartphone has more or less become the indispensable tool for most folks these days, especially when you consider the fact that our smartphone more or less does everything we need – from handling calls and text messages to keeping us entertained with games, videos and music while we are on the go, not to mention ensuring we do not get lost in unfamiliar territory, leaving the home without a smartphone, or one that has no battery left, is definitely a no-no.

Well, Google intends to improve on the directions department after winning a patent that allows your smartphone to access wireless coverage data, using such information in order to deliver a more accurate directions segment. Perhaps it could be part of a user input option, who knows? I guess the proverb of more than one way to Rome holds true for the information technology age as well, as there is more than one way to access navigational data for the clueless.

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