Nissan Voice Driver Cup game lets you speak to control your carA voice-controlled car does sound like a dream to some, but come to think of it, it is not exactly the most convenient method of controlling your ride. Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has come up with a new game known as the Voice Driver Cup. Specially programmed to promote their spanking new Fairlady 370Z, which is the 2013 version of the 2-seater sports car, where the game will see you race against other drivers not with a physical steering wheel peripheral, but rather, to speak into the computer, using your voice as the controller. Pseudo-drivers are able to yell into an iPhone app or into their computer microphone in order to change the car’s speed. Basically speaking, the louder you yell, the car will drive faster.

Nissan obviously hosted the inaugural Voice Driver ‘Grand Prix’ at their company headquarters in Japan last Saturday, and when November 17th rolls around, Nissan will play host to a global Grand Prix, where just about anyone in the world are capable of competing without having to leave one’s desk.

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