The problem with a lot of our modern technology is that they use materials that are rare or hard to dispose of. The irony is that some of these components are finding their way into products designed to promote greener living, such as electric cars. However, Nissan thinks that they might have the answer to that problem.

The company has recently announced a recycling concept in which they will repurpose the batteries used in electric cars and use them to power other things, such as camping trailers where the batteries could be used to help power the lights, heat, and so on. It will also be capable of powering electronic devices or even charge them, like our phones, laptops, and etc.

Dubbed “Roam”, this device will consist of lithium-ion battery cells pulled from first-gen Nissan vehicles where it will be capable of storing up to 700Wh of electricity. According to the company, combining the use of Roam with a 400W solar panel means that it should be able to provide power to the trailer for a week without any interruptions.

It is an interesting concept and will help campers do away with the likes of gas-powered generators which consumes fossil fuel. It will also help us prolong the lifespan of our gadgets and give them a new lease on life. At the moment this is still largely a concept, but it is a good idea that we wouldn’t mind seeing implemented in the future.

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