Nissan unveiled a digital concept, the Hyper Adventure 4×4, designed for outdoor enthusiasts with a focus on eco-friendly living. Presented ahead of the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, the concept features a large-capacity battery and retractable steps leading to a loveseat for two inside its futuristic design. Seeking a stronger position in the automotive market, the brand takes a bold step, showcasing an aggressively angular and aerodynamic exterior that signals a more tech-forward approach to future models.

The exterior design highlights a nearly 45-degree diagonal door cutout, creating a visually striking profile and emphasizing movement even when stationary. The illuminated cabin, spacious and sensuous, integrates a windshield-connected instrument panel, providing a wide field of view, creating a transparent vehicle perception. The yoke steering wheel, aggressive angles, and ambient lighting contribute to a Cyberpunk 2077 atmosphere.

A notable feature is the rear bench seat, a modernist loveseat designed to rotate 180 degrees on an axle for post-adventure relaxation. The concept includes a “large-capacity battery,” with specifics left ambiguous due to its conceptual nature.

The Hyper Adventure aims to facilitate outdoor activities through V2X (vehicle-to-everything) capabilities. These capabilities enable the powering of outdoor accessories, campsite lights, and electric jet skis. At home, the concept could contribute power back into homes (V2H) or the grid (V2G).

While the Hyper Adventure is not slated for production and will be showcased digitally at the Japan Mobility Show, certain elements may influence future iterations of Nissan’s similarly sized models, such as the Rogue or the upscale Ariya.

This innovative concept represents Nissan’s effort to attract buyers in the competitive electric vehicle (EV) segment and reflects a willingness to take risks in design and technology.

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