ProPilot is Nissan’s semi-autonomous driver assistance system that was already quite capable of controlling the car on its own without much input from the driver. However, drivers were required to have their hands on the steering wheel at all times. Nissan has now introduced the updated ProPilot 2.0 which enables hands-off highway driving for the first time.

ProPilot 2.0 has been designed for on-ramp to off-ramp highway driving. It engages with the vehicle’s navigation system to maneuver the car based on a defined route on designated roadways. The system allows drivers to cruise in a single lane on the highway without having to keep their hands on the wheel.

This is similar to Cadillac’s Super Cruise system which was first unveiled a couple of years ago. It also allows the driver to cruise hands-off as long as they don’t change the lanes. Much like Super Cruise, Nissan’s system also constantly makes sure that the driver is paying attention to the road and can take over should the need arise.

This is done by providing intuitive audio and visual guidance to the driver who is prompted to put hands on the wheel when the vehicle approaches a road divide or when passing a slower vehicle is possible, for example. Nissan’s Japanese-market Skyline will be the first vehicle to get the ProPilot 2.0 driver assist starting in the fall of this year.

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