Subscription models are all the rage these days, especially on the software front. However, it seems that the subscription model is starting to spill over for physical products as well. Nissan has recently announced a brand new service called the Nissan Switch where for a monthly subscription fee, it would allow users to access a bunch of Nissan cans on demand.

According to Nissan executive Andrew Tavi, “Nissan Switch is another way that Nissan is testing alternatives to the notion of traditional mobility, without long-term financial commitments for our customers. This program provides more choice, convenience, and flexibility. For those who want a sedan during the week and an SUV or sports car, like the GTR, on the weekends, Nissan Switch provides the solution.”

It should be noted that Nissan is not the first nor are they alone when it comes to car subscription programs. Previously, we’ve seen companies such as Porsche launch similar initiatives as well. Presumably, the idea is that this will make cars more accessible to the masses, while at the same time ensuring that there is a steady stream of revenue.

The upside is that if you don’t need to drive so often, this could be a potentially cheaper alternative. The base subscription for Nissan Switch will be priced starting at $699 a month, but it can also go up to $899 a month if you want to access some of the company’s more premium car models.

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