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Nissan’s Car Subscription Service Lets You Swap Out Cars Everyday
Subscription models are all the rage these days, especially on the software front. However, it seems that the subscription model is starting to spill over for physical products as well. Nissan has recently announced a brand new service called the Nissan Switch where for a monthly subscription fee, it would allow users to access a bunch of Nissan cans on demand.

Nissan Enables Hands-Off Highway Driving With ProPilot 2.0
ProPilot is Nissan’s semi-autonomous driver assistance system that was already quite capable of controlling the car on its own without much input from the driver. However, drivers were required to have their hands on the steering wheel at all times. Nissan has now introduced the updated ProPilot 2.0 which enables hands-off highway driving for the first time.

Nissan Will Reuse EV Batteries To Power Camping Trailers
The problem with a lot of our modern technology is that they use materials that are rare or hard to dispose of. The irony is that some of these components are finding their way into products designed to promote greener living, such as electric cars. However, Nissan thinks that they might have the answer to that problem.

New Nissan Leaf Manages Over 200 Miles On A Single Charge
Nissan’s famous Leaf electric car will now be able to offer you more range. The company updated it back in 2017 and today it has introduced a new version of the Leaf. It’s called the Leaf e+ and can travel 226 miles on a single charge. Nissan says that this represents a 40 percent improvement in range. In the simplest of terms, the car has a bigger battery.


Nissan’s Rear Door Alert Reminds You To Check The Back Seat
Sometimes we can be forgetful, which is why there are instances in which you might have heard how sometimes parents put their toddlers or pets into the backseat of their cars, and when they reach their destination they can sometimes forget about it. This can be extremely dangerous but Nissan wants to solve that problem.

Nissan Launches A Solar Energy Package Of Its Own
Nissan has been a player in the electric car market for a long time and now after launching its revamped Leaf electric car, the company has decided to offer an all-in-one solar energy storage solution much like the one Tesla offers in the United States. The solution will be backed by Nissan’s xStorage home battery as part of the Nissan Energy Solar home energy scheme.

Nissan To Use Recycled Leaf Batteries To Power Street Lights
The idea of electric cars is that they’re meant to help reduce our carbon footprint in the world. However there are some questions, such as what do companies do with the used batteries after they’ve done? Do they simply throw them away? While different companies probably have different approaches, Nissan has an idea: use them to power street lights.

Nissan Self-Driving Taxi Service Being Launched In Japan
With ride-hailing services like Uber actively exploring taxi services backed by self-driving cars, one of Japan’s biggest car manufacturers is now moving into this space as well. Nissan has announced its plans to launch its very own self-driving taxi service in Japan. Nissan is partnering with DeNa for its Easy Ride self-driving taxi service that’s going to be launched on March 5th in its home country.

Nissan Modernizes Japanese Hospitality With Self-Parking Slippers
You’ve surely heard of self-driving and self-parking cars by now. Most premium cars are capable of parking themselves with little or no input from the driver. Nissan wants to make sure that this technology is experienced by as many people as possible, even those who may never have seen such a car. The company has developed self-parking slippers to showcase its ProPilot Park technology.

Nissan Claims Its Leaf EV Pre-Orders Are Over 13,000
These days electric cars and vehicles in general are becoming more common, and Nissan’s Leaf EV has actually been around for a while now. However it seems that the company’s latest Leaf which was unveiled last year could be off to a great start because Nissan has told Engadget that they have received over 13,000 pre-orders of the car to date.

Nissan To Start Testing Self-Driving Taxis In Japan Next Year
If the future is to be filled with self-driving cars, it behooves carmakers to try and get as much testing done as soon as possible to gather data, information, and other details that will help perfect the system for when it is launched. It’s hard to beat real-life testing which is why over in Japan, Nissan will be launching self-driving taxis in 2018.

Alexa Will Let You Start Your Nissan SUV With Your Voice
We know that Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant can do a lot of things for users, like call for an Uber, order a pizza, set reminders, check the traffic situation, read the news, and so on, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that soon users will be able to use Alexa to start their Nissan SUV cars as well.

2018 Nissan Leaf Range And Specs Confirmed
The all-electric 2018 Nissan Leaf has been officially unveiled today by the Japanese car company. Nissan Leaf is one of the oldest production EVs so it’s interesting to see what its successor brings to the table. Nissan has updated the overall design and has also increased the range.

New Nissan Leaf May Be $5,000 Cheaper Than Tesla Model 3
The Tesla Model 3 is the first mass-market electric car from Tesla but it’s not the only electric car on the market that costs under $40,000. The Chevrolet Bolt is a bona fide mass-market all-electric competitor. The new Nissan Leaf will be one too. According to a new report, it may actually be $5,000 cheaper than the Tesla Model 3 which starts at $35,000.