Nokia’s phones have been used in internet culture to resemble just how tough the Finnish company’s phones are, most notably the 3310 back in the day. Now with the Lumia 920, does it actually live up to the 3310’s fabled durability? We’ve see the Lumia 920 being put through the ringer by the folks at PhoneBuff and it looks like they’re back with the third and final installment of the Lumia 920 durability test. Now there’s nothing scientific about their testing but it’s still pretty entertaining nonetheless. Basically in this new video they decided to run the Lumia 920 over with a car, smack it with a piece of wood like they would with a baseball, and throw it away the concrete base of a lamp post which finally managed to crack the screen. We’re not sure if anyone will ever need to put their Lumia 920 through those situations, but it’s still comforting to Lumia 920 owners to know that by the looks of things, their phone will be able to survive some light abuse and come away relatively unscathed.

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Nokia Lumia 920
1280x768 IPS LCD
Price (approximative)
~$155 - Amazon
8 MP
Image Stabilization
185 g
2000 mAh
Launched in
Snapdragon S4 + None
Storage (GB)
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