Samsung and LG are not exactly bosom buddies, although I am quite sure that they do not hate each other as much as Apple and Samsung. Having said that, we hear that Samsung Electronics has decidedly brought LG Display to court in South Korea over a lawsuit, where the former is seeking invalidation of OLED patents that are held by LG Display. According to Samsung, there are seven patents granted to LG Display that should be considered as invalid since they “lack innovation.” Well, at least this has nothing to do with LG Display’s products being not “as cool as” Samsung’s, no?

This is not the first legal tiff that Samsung and LG Display have been involved in to date, since they did lock horns in the courtroom before when Samsung alleged that LG actually leaked the OLED technology, while LG Display sued Samsung over the use of OLED panels in Samsung devices. Hopefully everything turns out all right in the long run, no?

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