Have you ever tried to access a tweet, but only to find it removed? Perhaps the poster took it down, or perhaps it was a bad link, or perhaps Twitter took it down due to alleged copyright violations, but whatever the case, the end user is left in the dark. Well it looks like Twitter is hoping to clear any possible future confusion by announcing that they will be updating their DMCA takedown policy for Tweets. Seemingly following in the footsteps of filesharing websites and YouTube, Twitter will now keep the page of the tweet, but will remove the copyrighted content but will now display a message saying that the tweet was removed for copyright reasons, linking the reader to Twitter’s official Copyright and DMCA policy FAQ.

This update was designed to encourage transparency, while at the same time it will also encourage discussion about the followers of the Twitter user whose tweet has been removed. In any case this should help make things clearer in the future for both the tweeter and their followers.

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