Being seated in a wheelchair to get around does take some getting used to, and it is safe to say that most of the time, you are bound to the seat’s elevation if you want to reach out for a particular object, which say, is on a shelf or on top of a cabinet. What do you do then? Get a robotic arm to do the job on your behalf, or perhaps ask someone else in the house for assistance? Perhaps if you were seated in the i-Transport robot wheelchair, things might be very different as you gain more independence on your side.

The i-Transport robotic vehicle is said to be able to raise the person seated in it to an upright level, while shifting their body into a more optimal position to grasp objects that remain out of arm’s length if not for the i-Transport. Not only that, the i-Transport will also come with its very own blood pressure and breathing monitors so that checkups are kept to a bare minimum. No idea on whether the i-Transport will enter mass production or not, but we sure as heck hope that it does, and at an affordable price, too.

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