aisin-seki-robotic-wheelchair[CEATEC 2014] Getting around when you are disabled or have an injured leg or hip can be quite a challenge, which is why wheelchair technology has developed a fair bit over the years. In fact, we did take a look at the WHILL smart wheelchair yesterday, and here we are with the robotic wheelchair from Aisin Seiki. Aesthetically speaking, I would say that the WHILL is a whole lot more futuristic looking, being something that even Professor Xavier would not mind taking a spin in. Still, more power to the people with additional choices, right?

This robotic wheelchair from Aisin Seiki will run off electric power, and this will be accompanied by both safety technologies and modules. It will be controlled using a joystick (which seems to be the best mode of control to dat, being something that everyone is familiar with), and will boast of 3D laser range sensors as well as 3D cameras that allows it to measure distance. Whenever it comes across an obstacle, it will slow down by itself automatically, ensuring that all chances of an accident will be minimal. Two 90-watt motors will keep this robotic wheelchair going, as it has the ability to hit a maximum speed of 10km/h.

The joystick itself has its fair share of sensors, as the route can be predicted through the amount of relative pressure that is applied, and in terms of risk, that will be calculated depending on the distance to any obstacle(s) determined to be on the predicted route, allowing it to make the relevant adjustments to the speed accordingly.

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