hexhogMost of us would think of wheelchairs to be pretty heavy modes of moving around when it comes to the mobility impaired, although the far more expensive ones do come in an extremely light form factor. Well, some other folks have come up with a rugged wheelchair in the past that was actually banned from being on the streets, although the HexHog might have a very different reception.

The HexHog happens to be an offroad wheelchair that is able to take as good as it gives. It will be powered by lithium-ion batteries which run the pair of motors which will distribute their power into a 6 x 6 wheel drive system. The entire shebang tips the scales at 600 lbs (275 kg) – which is extremely hefty, and will need to be transported on a small trailer, not to mention an equally massive price tag of $30,000 thereabouts, but at the very least, it will be able to see action outdoors for disabled folks to enjoy the world as deservingly as the rest of us.

But how many of us out there are able to afford this bad boy, when the price of admission alone is already able to purchase a second hand car, with loads of money to spare in the process?

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