Wheelchairs that are laden with bits and pieces of technology are not exactly new, as we have seen a fair number of those in the past. In fact, we have also spotted an eye-tracking wheelchair that makes it easier for the disabled to get around. Intel, a name that is more often than not synonymous with computers and microprocessors, has also dipped their fingers into the smart wheelchair market, and who else better to deliver a glowing recommendation other than the scientist Stephen Hawking who himself has been wheelchair ridden for years?

Just what makes this Intel-powered smart wheelchair so different from the others that are in the market? For starters, it will boast of the ability to interact with the environment, not to mention the person sitting on it being able be analyzed by the wheelchair. Various information picked up include those from the health point of view, ranging from the likes of blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.

Not only that, the smart wheelchair is also able to interact with its surroundings, helping to predict the accessibility level of the places that it will roll on. The wheelchair itself has been specially developed folks over at the Intel Internet of Things, and it has been dubbed as the Connected Wheelchair Project. [Press Release]

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