When it comes to wheelchairs, there has been advancements made in this particular department that help them get lighter and more mobile. However, electric wheelchairs which are easier to help ferry someone around who does not have too much upper body strength tend to be heavy and bulky, not to mention having other requirements such as a big-enough van equipped with ramps. Well, the Zinger electric wheelchair intends to put all of those worries and issues to bed by being small enough to fit into a car trunk, like any other regular wheelchair, now how about that?

The Zinger wheelchair tips the scales at a mere 38 pounds, and this will also include the 6.6 amp-hour lithium ion battery. On a full charge, it has a range of approximately 8 miles when a speed of 6mph is maintained, while boasting of a tight turning radius to boot. Tank-like controls are also part of the Zinger, where levers on each side of the seat help the user control that side’s wheels. No assembly is required as the Zinger works right out of the box, where it looks set to be marketed for “comfort and enjoyment” instead of as a medical device. Hopefully it will be affordable enough to the masses though.

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