POC’s Receptor BUG Helmets Have The Power Of Beats By Dre In Them

Bike riding can be considered a pretty active activity when compared to an activity like watching all-day marathons of The Twilight Zone. What makes the experience better is being able to listen to your favorite tunes, although wearing a helmet and earbuds at the same time can get a little tricky. Helmets with built-in headphones aren’t exactly a new piece of tech, but this helmet by POC that have Beats By Dre in them certainly are.

POC’s upcoming Receptor BUG Helmets are exactly what they look like: helmets that have Beats By Dre fused into them. The neckroll of the helmet is where the Beats By Dre are built into that even have a mic and remote on its cord so you could change tracks, take calls and adjust the volume while you’re shredding some serious dirt piles. That’s a term bike riders use, right?

The Receptor BUG Helmets come in black or white and can fit XS-XXL melons for $330 this January, although if you already own a helmet made by POC, you can opt-out of the complete package and just pick up the neck roll for $180.

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