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Shimabun IoT Helmet Monitors Workers Safety
When you need a hard hat at work, it means that you’re already exposed to a dangerous environment. If something were to happen, the question is how fast can help come because, at that point, every minute counts.

Skully AR-1 Helmet Begins To Ship
Sometimes, the best ideas have come about in a dream, while at other times, necessity has truly proven itself to be the mother of invention. The latter proved to be true for Marcus Weller, as he crashed into the back of a car while he was riding a motorcycle in Barcelona years ago, having shifted the attention of his eyes to a road sign from the road a short while […]

Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS Helmet Warns You If It Is Seriously Damaged
When you get involved in sports that have high risk of injury, having the right equipment would go a long way in minimizing such risks, and even the possibility of death. Take rock or gym climbing for example – it pays to have a good pair of harness and climbing shoes so that each step that you take will be an assured one, while your harness help you remain safe […]

Hövding Invisible Bike Helmet – An Idea Worth Investing In?
If your commute to work is just a few blocks down the road, driving does not make much sense, and walking would take a whole lot more time than it is worth, making the bicycle one of the most cost effective modes of transport to get around. This is even more pronounced if you live in a suburb, and most shops and stores are close by. The thing is, riding […]


This Motorcycle Helmet Features A Rearview Camera, Turn-By-Turn Directions
I don’t ride motorcycles, so I don’t have a clue what it’s like to wear a motorcycle helmet. One thing I do know is that it’s probably difficult to see what’s going on behind you while you’re riding, leaving you to need to glance at your side-view mirrors whenever you want to see how close someone is to the rear of your bike. Skully Helmets has unveiled a new helmet […]

C-Preme Announces BULT Helmet With Integrated HD Camera
We have seen our fair share of action cams in the past before, where these were meant to be attached to your helmet in order to record whatever crazy stunt you are involved in at that particular moment, but here is C-Preme, a company that carries the hopes of transforming the concept of “helmet cam” by integrating a high definition video camera into an action sports helmet – the first […]

Torch Helmet Makes You Visible From Any Angle
Cyclists would know that it is imperative for one to wear all the relevant safety gear and equipment before heading out, as you can never quite tell just when a particularly nasty accident is going to happen due to poor visibility. Having said that, we are always advised to wear a helmet with a reflective strip where possible, a brightly colored vest, and of course, have other gizmos fixed to […]

Vibrating Helmet Guides Firefighters Through Smoke
Firefighters have a tough job. They risk their lives to save the lives of others. Often they might find themselves in a smoke filled room where visibility is quite bad. This could seriously hamper their relief efforts, while putting their life at risk as well. A group of researchers at the University of Sheffield have come up with an interesting prototype helmet. This helmet vibrates against the forehead of the […]

Air Purifier Helmet The Answer To Smog?
I am quite sure that you have read about how Beijing of China’s air quality in recent times have plummeted to dismal levels, with the amount of pollution in the bustling city hitting unprecedented sky high levels, so much so that the smog there can last for up to a week, before Mr. Sunshine makes an appearance. Well, wearing flimsy face masks is not going to help the situation, but […]

POC’s Receptor BUG Helmets Have The Power Of Beats By Dre In Them
Bike riding can be considered a pretty active activity when compared to an activity like watching all-day marathons of The Twilight Zone. What makes the experience better is being able to listen to your favorite tunes, although wearing a helmet and earbuds at the same time can get a little tricky. Helmets with built-in headphones aren’t exactly a new piece of tech, but this helmet by POC that have Beats […]

ICEdot helmet calls for help when you fall
It goes without saying that one should always take the necessary safety precautions when cycling, such as wearing brightly colored clothes (or having a safety vest with reflective strips if you are cycling at night or early in the morning) as well as a helmet to protect your noggin’ in case you take a spill. Well, the ICEdot helmet plays further on the ICE (In Case of Emergency) concept by […]

Striker HMSS helmet endows fighter pilots with ‘X-ray vision’
All right, the kind of x-ray vision that I am referring to here has absolutely nothing to do with Superman’s ability, but rather, BAE Striker’s smart helmet is said to be able to allow a pilot in a Eurofighter Typhoon jet to see what is behind the hulk of metal that keeps him in the air. Yes sir, there is no steel-grey floor to speak of, rather, one would be […]

AirHead helps prevent “helmet hair”
If you ride a bicycle or a motorbike, you’ll probably understand what it’s like to deal with “helmet hair” every time you go somewhere. Well, the folks over at Twowheelcool have come up with a solution to the problem called AirHead. It is basically a super soft washable silicone, non-allergenic, anti-static and anti-bacterial accessory which you place on the inside of your helmet. The AirHead increases air ventilation to reduce […]

Overade folding bike helmet is convenient
If you ride a bicycle, you probably understand how annoying it can get to carry a helmet around if you’re afraid of it getting stolen when you leave it outdoors with your vehicle. Well, the folks over at Agency 360 have come up with an invention that will make your life easier. Designed back in 2010 but going into production this year, the Overade is the helmet just for you.When […]